DS Pathways 
in the Inland Empire

Data Science at UC Riverside 

UCR has several initiatives and pathways aimed to provide students with exposure to Data Science. This includes general-education intro courses in Data Science (offered by Statistics and Computer Science), minor in Data Science, B.S. degree in Data Science, and a Masters degree in Business Analytics and Master in Computational Data Science. 

In addition, highly motivated UCR students can apply for the Summer Fellowship program.  Program fellows will be engaged in data science education and participate in team-based projects that involve real data sets provided by industry and community partners. Each fellow will assist in curriculum development or tutoring, and outreach activities that includes visiting high school and middle schools and supporting Summer Camps and hackathons. We welcome students at all levels, but especially targeting current sophomores, juniors and seniors and Master students. 

Programs of Study
B.S. in Data Science 
- Minor in Data Science (Pending)
- Master in Business Analytics 
- Master in Computational Data Science (Pending)

Related UCR Courses in Computer Science
CS 9A - Data Oriented Introduction to Programming I (4 units)
CS 9B - Data Oriented Introduction to Programming II (4 units)
CS 105 - Data Analysis Methods (4 units) 
CS 167 - Introduction to Big-Data Management (4 units)
CS171 - Introduction to Machine Learning and Data Mining (4 units)

Related UCR Courses in Statistics
STAT 40 - Elements of Statistics (4 units)
STAT 156A - Statistics for Data Science I (4 units)
STAT 156B - Statistics for Data Science II (4 units)
STAT 170A - Regression Analysis (4 units)
STAT 170B - Design of Experiments (4 units)

Statistic / Computer Science Cross-Listed Courses
STAT/CS 108 - Data Science Ethics (4 units)

Events and Student Organizations
Data Science Seminars